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Dear Citizens of Internetville,

The Doodle Quest Kickstarter is now live! If you have enjoyed looking at my drawings as much as I have loved making them, perhaps you would like them on your shelf at home.

I’d love to have your help in making this book. Please consider reblogging to spread the word, and take luck on your journey!

I usually only post my work on this tumblr, but i think this is important.

Like, super important

Anthony is awesome! Gonna back this for sure!

pinnuzza said: Ohhhhhh holy cow! Human designs. I'm freakin out. IT'S SO THEM. MY GOSH. Brilliantly done! Consider yourselves kissed on both cheeks by an ecstatically grateful Italian.

Yeah!! Thanks a lot! haha.:D

wdwsparkles said: OMG I'M ACTUALLY SQUEALING THE HUMAN DESIGNS ARE FANTASTIC. Like...wow. Oh my goodness. I can't get over them. Like don't get me wrong I still think the Veggie designs are super cute, but the human stuff is just...WOW. 10/10 Gold Star A+ I love it keep up the good work.

Haha! Thank you so much! Glad you like it . :)

   What you’re about to see is artwork done for FUN and on our own SPARE TIME, and not part of any of the production whatsoever. :) 

    Rest assured, this will never happen, folks, so please don’t freak out! 

We don’t know what to say…other than this being kind of a helpful character design practice…thing. And concept art.

It’s human VeggieTales with the updated VTITH style… Hopefully we didn’t hit rock-bottom with this one. Haha.

It’s kind of embarrassing to post this, because, well, yeah. We just like messing around with concepts a bit too much sometimes.

At least these are all the characters revealed in the official trailer so far…

(Yes, people at the office know about this too. They just thought it was funny!)

Yup. Just our interpretations of them. Everyone can draw them however they like, though! :X

Done in PS and SAI. Just some character explorations, silhouettes, and some small environment stuff. The bottom part was the color rough, and the very top pic is a somewhat final color lineup painted entirely using the lasso tool with no underlying sketch.

(Source: elioli-art)

Anonymous said: Hello! may I ask what art school you went to??

SCAD. For 3 weeks :o We’re mainly self-taught though!

Pen, ink, pencil and watercolors. From my sketchbook. More to come. - OLI


skarthachempstock said: Happy anniversary girls :)

Thanks! :D

Anonymous said: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY FOR YOU!!! <3

Thanks!! :)

jerrmeehan said: Hi I truly appreciate the tutorials! Do you ever think you will make a video going over your process?!

We have been wanting to do those , but work and finding time to do a video will have to require some time and editing to make a proper video process. But if there’s enough interest, we’ll give it a shot!

Anonymous said: Hi! I loooooved Veggie Tales as a kid, and I just wanted to say that your super cute designs have me really excited for the reboot!

Thanks! We’re glad you’re excited! :D

jeremygordonart said: Thank you so much for sharing all this beautiful work, and for the tutorials page! Very inspirational and helpful to see it all :D

Absolutely! You’re welcome! :)

pinnuzza said: Hey! Huge fan of both of your art, and I love the stuff the pair of you get up to together. But I was just wondering about that last picture you posted-- with the fox cub and the little girl. Is there a story behind them? Because they really piqued my interest. If I'm not allowed to know, that's perfectly fine! I was just wondering because they're really cute and I love their setting and colors. Beautifully done.

Hey, thanks! It’s been an ongoing idea. Nothing still set in stone, but usually our ideas come out of just making pictures with no real set story in mind. But yes, it will become some sort of story! Thanks for the kind words. :)

More of the little fox. - OLI




elioli-art literally made a post addressing why the girl veggies look the way they do. There are male veggies with clothes and hair as well. You can see pictured above multiple examples (and plenty in the actual video). As for the reason why the main vegetables are naked elioli-art said “the main characters still had to be somewhat recognizable from the original brand.” Therefore, Larry and Bob don’t have clothes to be more recognizable. There are male veggies with clothes. Above you can see Archibald Asparagus in a suit, Mr.Lunt wearing a hat and some type shirt. In addition both Mr.Nezzer has hair and other male veggies have a type of pseudo hair using the cladodes on asparagus characters.

Elioli even put out a post about why the girls look the way they do ” we don’t think all women dress like that as well. And that’s okay! But we do also like designing cute clothes, so this was fun opportunity to do that in this show.” It really comes down to elioli-art wanting to make cute clothes for the characters.

Had to delete the two previous posts for reasons. You can find them though if you look through the reblogs.

Thank you so much elemental-hero-stratos ! If anyone is wondering what post they’re referring to, it’s here. As the Production designers on the show (and yes, we happen to be on tumblr watching it all go down,) please take the time to read our reasons as to why the designs are the way they are. Thanks! 

And we really really didn’t want to have to respond, but some assumptions are being passed around as fact about the show in general,  and this garnered a lot more attention than we thought. So here it is »


(Source: elioliart.blogspot.com)