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Anonymous said: Do you make your art in software or do you use real brushes, paint colors, paper etc.? I cannot tell :( but I love your work!

Hey there! You know, you aren’t the only one to ask that! Most of our drawings are done on Photoshop or Paint tool Sai which are digital programs. We love making custom brushes in Photoshop ( a lot of the textures are already on the program). We love replicating the traditional look and feel in our digital art. Even the technique of your pen strokes can help achieve the effect of traditional media. We do approach most of our art like a real painting.

We also do traditional painting as well and will usually be tagged as watercolors or we’ll list what medium we use if it’s traditional. So unless we state otherwise , most of our art is done digitally . :) Thanks for the question!

Business peeps…and a random old guy. Here’s 3 different versions because I couldn’t make up my mind. More lasso tool fun.



Anonymous said: I love both of your art - it's so inspiring! How did you both get so good at perspective? I wish I could draw something from above like in your last post! Did studying any specific artists or books help you?

Thank you so much! Glad it turned out okay.

But to be quite honest, perspective is something we’re trying to improve on, and being my own worst critic, that particular picture could have been so much better and was probably very inaccurate. But as long as it read as an above view, that’s fine for me at the moment.

Haven’t studied anyone in particular. It was more of just deciding on a whim to try a different perspective.  But I’m glad you liked it! Don’t want to damper your enthusiasm for the picture, haha. But there is lots of room for improvement for both of us, personally, when it comes to achieving more pictures with perspective. Sorry this wasn’t really helpful! It was simply a piece from the imgaination. :) - ELI

Top picture was an illustration done from last night. The two middle ones are speedpaints, and the last one was a birthday gift! Been really excited for the progress we’re making on the personal project. Trying to be really focused and be better at time management ; Even enough time to squeeze in some personal pictures here and there. :)

- ELI and OLI

(Source: elioliart.blogspot.com)

cozmicpowerz said: Hello Elena and Olivia, I fell in love with your work after I stumbled on your Instagram. Both of your artworks are very quirky and vibrant! Are there any people that inspired you two? Were there any days that you felt tired, but you had to keep going? Lastly, what college did you two go to? Blessings, -Izzie

Hello! Thank you for the kind words! There would be a whole list of people that we would write down as inspirations, but it would be incredibly long! We admire each artist’s work with what they have to offer, regardless of style. Variety fuels our inspiration!

Actually, we’re working on something right now that requires us to stay on a schedule that works  for us while we go about our full-time day job. It was a bit hard at first, but now we can say that we have found something that clicked, and we’re pushing ourselves to get this other side project done! It’s challenging, but a great learning experience at the same time.

Sometimes we do feel tired, and sometimes we just have to take a break. Our minds, and hands need some rest too!

As for college, we went to a local one for about a year, then attended SCAD for three weeks before moving closer to our job. Have a great day! :)

jake-sketches said: Do you have any tips for drawing interesting backgrounds? It's something I really struggle with and even when I do manage to do a background it's normally very simple, so simple that it feels empty or unfinished but I just can't visualise what else to add.

Sorry for such a late response!

In fact, that’s how we are supposed to start off in regards to painting backgrounds. Start simple.

We only starting leaning how to paint BGs from this site called iScribble. 

It offered only a limited amount of what seemed like advanced MS paint tools, and 3 layers. iScribble has apparently added a new feature where you can even watch the process! http://www.iscribble.net/gallery/user_ELIOLI.html

So think simply. Background, foreground, characters, and then details. Starting with the base colors helps tremendously instead of just jumping to shadows and other color mixtures. Once you become comfortable enough, then you can just start laying down colors and even mixing them.

So please, take a look at our old iscribble gallery! We literally just started dabbling in landscapes/bgs in 2010. Even though a lot of what you see here is a hit or miss, and slightly unfinished work, we learned great deal of how to use layers to your advantage and mixing with colors and using light . And hopefully just by watching, even these simple pictures can help you out a bit! Start from the beginning of our gallery so you can see some of the progress. You can do it! :)

(You have lovely art by the way!)


Stuff that remains to be left sort of unfinished. Sometimes we like making weird stuff.These were left in some folders for months.-OLI

Going to post here a little less frequently due to working on other projects. :)


Hiatus time!

Gotta focus on a secret project. See ya around! And thanks for following our work! You guys are awesome. :)

Might check around to fill the inspiration tumblr. A post once in a while but not as frequent. If you have any questions, you can send it to elioliart@gmail.com. Thanks!

Lounging -OLI

(Source: elioliart.blogspot.com)

So this awesome guy named Kaleb Rice did an amazing CG render of one of ELI’s characters from 2012. He did a freakin’ amazzzzing job, wowy!! Apparently he’s been doing this for only a year or so and he’s already this good. Go give him a follow on his blog and check out the rest of his work here! http://kalebrice.blogspot.com/?m=1

shortecho said: You are super important don't you ever forget that :) I wish you a great day!

Awww, thank you! Same to you! :)