Hey guys! We finally opened up an InPrint shop about 2 days ago, but managed to actually upload some prints. Have a gander! We will upload some more things soon, and if you wish to request any prints, feel free to send us a message on tumblr or email us at elioliart@gmail.com!

Our InPrnt store can be found here as well as on our FB Art Page.  :)

From a failed freelance gig we did when we were 16. Good learning experience though! http://elioliart.blogspot.com/2011/09/paradise-collection.html

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marii-cruz asked: So you actually work for Dreamworks? :O

A subsidiary of DreamWorks. But technically, yes! Our IDs have a DW logo, so that’s official enough… Hah!

Good Luck!

Been a little rusty lately in terms of quantity and quality of the work, but hey, we’ve  been productive in other means! I liked how this turned out. Need to get back into do some of these illustrations over the week. - ELI


Ask FM questions answered!

A batch of questions we’ve answered recently on our Ask FM account. You can click the link to find more Q&As!
Did you start with SAI or Photoshop? Which is easier?
Sometimes it switches. No right or wrong in starting in a certain program. Just whatever the picture we are drawing calls for. Sai is easier because if the limited tools, but once you get to learn photoshop, it’s pretty easy to use as well!
Do you use a Mac or a PC? I have a PC but I feel like Macs would be better for illustrations and stuff
PC! Mac can hold a lot of stuff, but we’re used to Pcs. Plus we use them at work since DW is so PC dependent .
i love the textures of your drawings! what photoshop brushes do you use?
Default brushes and custom ones.
Do you two live in California for your animation jobs?
We relocated to Nashville TN. Big Idea is located there . :)
Hello! I adore yalls art styles and i would be lying if i didn’t say i was jealous of you two! I was wondering have you said what show or movie you’re working on? do you work for dream works tv or movie studios? Congratulations!
Thank you! And no need to be jealous. We get some heavy critiques at work, so we ain’t all that! But thank you :) We are working for DW TV, which is a lot more fast paced and stressful, but it keeps you on your toes! We are working on a new VeggieTales series called VeggieTales In the House! It was recently announced on Variety a couple of weeks ago . It will appear on Netflix in Dec we believe !

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Mosaic view of our tumblr!

Hey guys! Found this nifty little setup for viewing our tumblr without the hassle of slow scrolling and all that. :D

raecook asked: No questions, I was just stopping by to say that your style is fantastic! Thanks for sharing your work.

Thank you! :D


TV production has been a little hectic lately. So saying sorry for the quality of our work lately seems rather silly to say. Guess it’s more or less saying that our more fleshed out illustrations and concepts are obviously on hold , so that’s why there have been tons of sketches and quick watercolor doodles lately . We have been doing a lot of stuff at work that we never would have thought to be drawing, so it’s a good learning experience and it’s very different than what we usually do, so that’s a positive. But we do get burnt out sometimes , so doodles is really all we can muster unless things lighten up. But hey, that’s the nature of television! Just jumping into it so early on in our “career” ( putting it in quotations because this is our first studio job. Gahhh…) isn’t something we ever imagined so soon, so here’s to hoping this comes in handy in the near future for something else.. Hah! Not trying to sound whiney, just kind of giving an explanation? We really enjoy our job! We just get tired sometimes…

ek0ws asked: question: how did you get comfortable working digitally or with a tablet?? ive had my wacom for maybe 2 years now? and i find it hard to look at the laptop while my hand is drawing on my tablet and whatever digital art i create is no where near up to the standard of my traditional drawing.. i wanna try my hardest in concept art but everything looks silly even tho i have practiced many times.. sigh i really like digital as well and feel i can produce good quality art but its not happening.

First off, practice is key! But we know your concerns. It took us a good couple of years to get what we wanted out of digital art. The tablet we have used has been a Cintiq 12wx, which is a model that has a screen you can look and work directly on instead of using another monitor, which is great for the pen on paper interaction, so that may help as well! If you ever look at our old art, you can see that our quality was rather “silly” as well, but you just have to work at it! Sorry we can’t give you a magic answer , because it just comes done to persistence and practicing. If it makes you feel better, a couple of years ago, we stopped for almost a whole year because we became frustrated with digital anything.That’s not to say we don’t have a whole lot more to learn, because we do, but you will eventually find your stride, so keep at it! :)

Pele,For Sketch dailies. :) - ELI


Birthday drawings for Tim Hodge!


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