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Via AskFM: Lol sorry I keep asking questions. As you got going in the industry how did you continue to grow in your art as the projects demanded your creativity? Like did you guys paint based in your own style or have to morph and adapt to the projects requirements?

No problem! We just draw a lot in general, so we’re always striving to improve outside of work. We’re the character and BG designers (we do both), and basically setting the style of the show we’re working on, more or less. So while the art has the same stylistic quality in our regular work, it has to be a little more detailed than our usual blotchy-ness we post online. We also did do a lot of Model packs which consists of turnarounds of props and characters, textures, and so on. We are drawing a whole lot of things that are sooo out of our comfort zone. Trucks, boats , couches, and we even do a lot of more realistic rendering that you don’t really see on our blogs. So we’re growing in our art a lot at work too. Wish we could show some of the stuff, but not for a couple of years anyway. :( A lot of it is adapting to what is needed for the show, but not necessarily the art style, which we’ve been having a lot of freedom with. Not to say it won’t be like that for all jobs though! So we’re fortunate to be able to work within what we like doing, but still push ourselves artistically in other areas.

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Tried some pieces for The dailyspitpaint group on facebook. It’s pretty tough since you only have 30 mins. Photoshop shortcuts and planning ahead might help next time.

These are actually not that great, but that’s the point I guess..haha. Oh well, gotta practice at painting faster? I’ll get better… - ELI


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Kind of a slow day at work today.

Post it doodles. Bad phone quality photos. :p - ELI


Some new doodles, and some old files found on one of our computers. Ideas and stuff.

Almost  everything done in Paint Tool SAI. - ELI



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These started as just rough thumbnails, but it’s one of those things where I didn’t want to do a final image because it might lose some of the raw energy it had before, as with a lot of things in sketches. The one with the cat and mouse thing started from a small thumbnail image on our phone that kind of looked cool, even though it didn’t have to do anything with the subject in the small painting. 



slaykatart said: I love the lasso drawings! So simple and yet so detailed at the same time. Do you use it often for your drawing?

Sometimes we do! 50/50 when it usually comes to designing charcaters. :) Thanks!

Anonymous said: Those lasso drawings are really cool! Would you maybe consider making a quick step by step, like you did with the watercolors? Whenever you feel like it, though. I know you guys must be wicked busy.


We would like to , but we’re afraid there isn’t much to show , actually . It’s just drawing shapes with the lasso tool (with no sketch underneath ) and filling it with color . And you just build on it with more details!
But we always have some time, so maybe another process tutorial may come around . :)

All made entirely using the lasso tool in PS. -OLI


youdontrememberthis said: Is there any recommended books on color theory?

Haven’t really read up any books ourselves, so we aren’t much help there. Just go online and look up some. Tons of references and resourceful sources. Sorry we couldn’t help you out. :(

If any of you would like to reply with some of your favorite books/sites, please do share! 

Blue River - ELI

2 Versions that I had laying around on one of our tablets before it died. Months later, I was finally able to retrieve it after it died again. And yes, the water is not blue, but that was the original file name. hah. :)   http://elioliart.blogspot.com/2014/07/blue-river.html


In other news, We were honored to be asked by Pascal Campion to contribute to his Kickstarter book if the stretch goal is met. But just contribute for his beautiful work alone. So click the link and help out if you can!



Anonymous said: Your water coloring tutorial was super helpful! Im just wondering where I can get the artistloft paint and brushes? Love your art so much.

Michaels, Hobby Lobby for the waterbrush, or just any craft store . Michaels should have most of the items there though. :)

Simple watercolor process

A simple watercolor tutorial! We just started seriously trying to learn and work with watercolors just this year, so this tutorial shouldn’t be taken as an expert way of painting. We’re still learning ourselves, and these are a few steps that we have learned to approach to make our own process easier. Especially the more simplistic style we like to dabble in. Pardon if there are any misspellings or if something isn’t too clear. Let us know if you use this tutorial as well. We would love to see what you do!

Hope you enjoy!


You can find more of our tutorials here :


Watercolors for people at work. :) - ELIOLI