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"Adam and Dog" Tribute Art..color key thingies.
About an hour for each. 
The wonderful short premiered today by Minkyu Lee.
As being quite familiar with the story of Genesis,and the story of Adam and Eve…it was quite …amazing. As a visual person , I have always loved to see different interpretations of the beginning, to the fall of man in his imperfect nature. Not saying necessarily that the fall of man was a good thing, but to see it from some one’s personal own vision is quite interesting. This short was done in such good taste, and beautiful artistry, I felt compelled to do some tribute art, or fan art, of it. As a Christian, it was just an all round beautiful story. It always has been. As for wanting to make our own version of Genesis for a while, this short came out the day after we made that proposition, oddly enough. Couldn’t have been better timing.
When the dog sees Adam in his more sinful state…I can’t put it into words. Just so powerful. Wonderful job for those who worked on the film. Here is a humble attempt to capture the emotion/mood/atmosphere of this beautiful piece of art. - ELI

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