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SCAD Portfolio Part 1

Well, it’s mostly the same pictures we already had posted on here, but with slightly different edits. We do realize that most art colleges want to see more life drawings and observations when it comes to a more academic approach of a portfolio, but this is all we had. We had actually thought our local college was going to offer us drawing lessons, but it appeared that those classes were not available, of all things!

All we can say is that take this style of portfolio with a grain of salt. Use the art you have created, or ones from any classes you have taken, and submit that instead. There are many who can surpass this kind. We kind of thought it was a bit too juvenile, but hey, you gotta do what ya gotta do.  We did end up getting full scholarship with this, so you never know what they may like! 

SCAD’s approach is different when it comes to portfolios, unlike most art colleges, but we aren’t complaining. We are happy to receive the amount that we did, despite it not being all fine art like.

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