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Just felt like doing some mock poster designs of the DWM concept my sister has going! These were done really quickly, so forgive the proportions. Just mainly testing for color. Hoping to aim for a theatrical feel! - OLI

So my sister, Olivia, just decided to do these mock posters for My “Dance With Me” idea. Like, oh my gosh. I have the coolest sister ever. The noise I made was not human.- ELI

Done on Paint Tool SAI (except the middle on the top row)

I will make some of these..or all, REAL finished pieces!

Some of these can act like teaser posters, while some are individually promotional. It’s kinda fun to do.

(Source: elioliart.com)

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  6. fluffyfuzzball said: That one in the middle, with the old man… puppet master? In any case that one really caught my eye. But I really like the choice in colours throughout!