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FoF (Festival of Feathers) Sketches: Anemone and Diena

Little animation of Diena here

Sketches of my two main girls Diena and Anemone. Diena has the buns and Anemone has the dread like hair. Random character dude on the bottom. Not sure what to do with him yet. He has a “meh” design right now. Still exploring.

 I always feel a little intimidated about posting stuff from my sketchbook, because all the sketchbooks that I typically see is full of cafe sketches, and pretty colors. Unlike mine…which is usually filled with idea dumps like these, and is very messy and unorganized. I made a mistake about using a Copic marker for coloring in some of the eyes, because some turned out wonky. But hey, a sketchbook isn’t supposed to be perfect, right?  - ELI 

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