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Creating a “Photoshop” look in Paint Tool SAI

"Some Magical Monkey Woman"  (The literal name of the file. Oh so creative, I know.This picture was created under an hour, so it’s just a very simple example. )

We have had some people inquire about some of our pieces in which they presume would be done in Photoshop, but was actually done on the program Paint Tool SAI. Of course, SAI has grown immensely in popularity for personal use, but  most people associate  SAI with manga/Anime style artwork. (Nothing wrong with that , but just a general observation). This little gif is just an example of how we are able to make  the style of drawings that we typically create in Photoshop, and get to near-exact results by using SAI only. We use SAI for some things PS lacks, and Photoshop for others, but it just comes down to which program we feel like using at that very moment.

SAI users can easily create more of this style without Photoshop or more expensive types of programs with just simple steps in mind.

Again, this is just some stuff that we do in SAI in regards to this particular style. A little more “simple”, if you want to call it that. Of course, many styles and types artwork have been beautifully imagined in SAI. But if anyone was curious about how some of our pieces are made, the answer is that we use Photoshop and SAI for completed pictures from start to finish. 

This style (from our own personal experience) can be tricky to distinguish what program it was done in, because we have learned how to work around the limitations and to work with what is available. So when you trick people, that’s a good thing! :D Not in a mean way, but you know what we mean..haha. 

(Source: elioliart.com)

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